Board of Education

Seton Catholic School

Board of Education

Peosta Campus

7597 Burds Road
Peosta, IA 52068

Farley Campus

210 2nd Avenue SE
Farley, IA 52046

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Board of Education

Rev. Michael Schueller – Pastor

Clayton Ellsworth – Principal

Jim Klostermann – President (St. Clement)

Josh Hermsen – Vice President (St. John the Baptist)

Julie Kronlage – Secretary (St. Patrick)

Rachel Dunkel (St. Joseph)

Melissa Casey (St. John the Evangelist)

Abby Kotz (St. Joseph)

Bill Murray (St. Patrick)

Natalie Hedley (St. John the Baptist)




What Parents are Saying

“My daughter has grown so much from a shy Pre-K student to the confident 8th grader she is today. She has learned so much about herself through the wonderful teachers and staff that have been a part of her journey at Seton Catholic. She has developed a love of learning and a strong foundation of faith through her ten years at Seton Catholic. She will take these lessons and her Seton Catholic relationships with her throughout life.I am thankful for our decision to have my daughter attend Seton Catholic. It has been a great experience for her.”

– a Seton Catholic parent of a 2016 graduate

“Seton Catholic not only provides a sound educational experience for my children, but more significantly, it provides an excellent Christian foundation. The small class sizes allow for personal academic attention and an intimate environment that encourages friendships that will last a lifetime. My children are not just well educated; they are Christians with sound values and faith, greatly due to Seton Catholic’s influence in their everyday lives.We can’t thank the Seton Catholic teachers and administration enough for such a tremendous education for our children.”

– Vicki Stelzer, Seton Catholic