Seton Catholic School Activities Eligibility


The philosophy of Seton Middle School Athletics is one of participation and skill development. Interscholastic sports offered at Seton for our 7th and 8th graders include volleyball and basketball. However, our athletes are able to participate in cross country, football, wrestling, and track & field at Beckman and Western Dubuque schools.

A $25.00 activity fee will be collected for each Seton sport. (See Activity Fees) Each student participating in athletics is required to have a Concussion Fact Sheet, an Athletic Pre-Participation Physical Examination, and Activity Fee/Eligibility Form on file in the office before being allowed to participate in practice or competitions.



Academic Eligibility Policy

Participation in athletics and other extra-curricular activities at Seton Middle School is a privilege, and academic proficiency will always take precedence. In order to maintain this privilege of eligibility, the student must be passing (70% and above) each class at the time of grades being posted. Grades will be posted every 2 weeks beginning at the 2 ½ week mark of the term. Students with a failing grade become academically ineligible for the next 2 week period to participate in extracurricular activities (students must practice, but may not compete). The ineligibility begins on the Monday after grades are due in the office to allow for parental notification and grade accuracy checks. Students desiring to reduce ineligible time from 2 weeks to 1 week, may request a grade review by the Principal. Students remain ineligible for 1 week; however, if passing all classes, the student may return to competition the following week. Coaches/ sponsors will be notified via email or personal contact.


  • Each student must maintain a good conduct record both in school and out of school all year Any student whose conduct or habits are such to make that student unworthy to represent the ideals and principles of Seton Catholic School may be ineligible to participate in or attend any extra-curricular activities for a designated period of time.
  • Each student must meet the expectations of his or her parents. Seton Middle School fully supports all parental requests to withhold students from extracurricular activities at any time and for any


Student Participation Policy for Activities – (in alignment with the WDCSD policy) Students at Seton who become involved in our activity program share in the responsibility of being at practice when it is scheduled. Thus, to be fair to all students, the following rules will apply to all activities unless a separate policy is developed by the sponsor and approved by the activity director prior to the start of the activity.


  • Students who wish to participate in school-sponsored activities must attend school one-half day the day of the activity unless permission has been given by the activities director or principal for the student to be
  • Excused absences (i.e. doctor, dental appointments, family emergencies, ) should be discussed with your coach or sponsor BEFORE the absence whenever possible.
  • The FIRST UNEXCUSED ABSENCE from a practice, performance, or competition will result in a conversation between student and coach/sponsor. Missing part of the next game, meet, or performance will be determined by the coach/sponsor.
  • The SECOND UNEXCUSED ABSENCE from a practice, performance, or competition will result in the student being withheld from the next scheduled game, meet, or
  • The THIRD UNEXCUSED ABSENCE from a practice, performance, or competition will result in possible dismissal of the student from the activity at discretion of coach, athletic director, and
  • Excused absences may result in reduced playing time at discretion of the As part of the team players are expected to commit to being at practice.