Scrip Information

What is Scrip?
Scrip is a fundraising program. Many schools offer their own Scrip program; no program is the same. There is no national affiliation or club to belong to. We manage our own Scrip program; designed and managed by volunteers.

How It Works
Seton Catholic School buys Scrip at a discounted rate then you buy from Seton at face value. For example: You buy $100 of Kohl’s from Seton. You pay $100. Kohl’s gives Seton a 4% discount, so Seton pays Kohl’s $96.

Ways to Get Scrip

  1. Go to to shop online and either pay online or send a check to school for your Scrip to be delivered home.
  2. Use the mobile app RaiseRight for instant access to eCards on your smartphone. Sign in with the same RaiseRight username and password.
  3. Complete a yellow Seton Scrip Order Form. If the cards you would like to purchase are in inventory, you will get them immediately upon payment. If not, they will be ordered and available the following Thursday. Go to Seton Catholic School – Peosta to complete a form.

What You Get
The money earned is shared between the school and you. The more Scrip you buy, the more credit you (and the school) earn. You can designate your credit be used toward tuition, donated to a church in the Pastorate or used toward Faith Formation class. Your family and friends can purchase Scrip and designate you as the recipient of the family credit earned for Scrip purchases.

Questions ?
Contact [email protected]

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